Honey 'n' Almond

Eating Honey ‘n’ Almond may seem indulgent, but it could be a healthy way to improve your cholesterol. Two new studies suggest that honey and almonds each have special properties that can help protect against heart disease.

In the first study, researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign found that honey contains about the same level of antioxidants as many fruits and vegetables such as spinach, apples, bananas, oranges, and strawberries. But you'd have to eat an equivalent amount of honey to get the same dose of antioxidants from the sweet stuff as you would from eating a piece of fruit.

That might seem like a lot of honey, but study author Nicki Engeseth, PhD, says adding small amounts of honey could enhance the effects of an already heart-healthy diet and help keep cholesterol levels in check.

"People could incorporate honey in places where they might be using some sort of sweetening agent, like sugar, and this might contribute a significant amount of antioxidants," says Engeseth.

Compared to most other nuts, almond is packed with a lot more essential nutrients. It’s rich in Vitamin E, monounsaturated fat, calcium, phosphorous, iron and magnesium. It also contains zinc, selenium, copper and niacin. There are dozen of health benefits from eating Honey ‘n’ Almonds. Some of them are as below:

  • Good for brain
  • Good for heart
  • Improves skin complexion (Maybe we should spend more on Honey ‘n’ Almonds than beauty products)
  • Regulates cholesterol
  • Regulates blood pressure
  • Prevention of cancer
  • Protection against diabetes
  • Good in pregnancy (because of its folic acid)
  • Reduces weight
  • Prevention of constipation
  • Boosts energy (due to the presence of manganese, copper and Riboflavin (vitamin B2))



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